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Tiny Personal Firewall represents smart, easy-to-use personal security technology that fully protects personal computers against hackers. It is built on the proven WinRoute Pro, ICSA certified security technology. Tiny Personal Firewall is also an integral part in Tiny Software's new Centrally Managed Desktop Security (CMDS) system awarded a contract by the US Air Force to encompass about 500,000 desktop computers. The following descriptions demonstrate the simplicity of use, yet powerful features of Tiny Personal Firewall.

Intrusion Detection
Personal Firewall includes an easy-to-use wizard that detects unknown activity and prompts the user for setup information. After the setup is complete, a new rule is applied to the filter rules list. This option may be disabled.

Application Filter
To protect from Trojan horse and other unauthorized applications, Personal Firewall includes an application filter. The wizard will detect when an application attempts to bind to a port for communication and create a filter rule based on the users input. Users may permit applications manually from the filter rules. Tiny Personal Firewall also provides a database of common applications that use known ports.

MD5 Signature Support
To ensure that Trojan horse applications cannot pose as a trusted application, Tiny Personal Firewall offers the option to check for an MD5 digital signature for trusted applications.

Log information can be sent to a central syslog server for reporting purposes. This too will be an integral component of Tiny Software's new centrally managed desktop security system used by the US Air Force.

Trusted Addresses
Users may create filtering rules that apply to user-defined, trusted address groups. Multiple address groups, based on a single IP, a subnet, or range may be created in the "trustful addresses".

Remote/Secure Administration
In addition to login authentication, Tiny Personal Firewall allows for full remote configuration of security policies. This will be an important element for the centrally managed desktop security system as it will allow remote configuration of each user's security policies through a centrally managed console server.

Time Intervals
Filter rules can be arranged so that they are only valid during specific hours.

Tiny Personal Firewall includes many other firewall features and is an ideal security solution for home/business stand-alone and network computers.


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